The column in the class schedule tables labeled “Duration” needs to be converted to “Tuition Units” for use in the table below. 1:15 listed in the schedule table is 1.25 units; 1:30 is 1.50 units, etc. The software used to generate the tables currently does not allow us to change the name or format of the column.

Our tuition rates are structured so that the more classes a student takes the less the average cost of each class. To determine the tuition for a family first determine the tuition for each individual student using the total units of their classes and the table below; finally add the individual tuitions and apply the family discount. The family discount does not apply to students whose tuition is at the maximum because it is already discounted.

(Monthly tuition will not exceed $285 per student)

45 min to 1-hour classes count as one tuition unit

All hip-hop classes are 1.25 tuition units

Additional group rehearsal time is $10 per hour

Pointe class does not figure into the tuition unit total, it is a flat rate of $38/month

Tuition is due in advance on the first lesson of each month. Tuition is the same each month and is not adjusted for holidays or unattended lessons. If payment is not received by the second lesson of the month a $10 late fee will be accessed. A $30 fee will be accessed on all returned payments.

Enrollment Information

Family Discount

There is a 10% family discount for two or more students enrolled in a family.

Registration Fee

There is a session registration fee of $25 per student and a music licensing fee of $5 per student. The Fall/Spring session runs from September through May. The summer session registration fee is $15 for new students, which is applied towards the Fall/Spring registration fee if the student continues after the summer.


We want all students to have a positive experience; it is in the student’s best interest if they are placed in the proper class based on age and experience. Requesting placement in one of our offered classes is the first step in the enrollment process. Once you have registered and selected classes through our enrollment portal, WSPA may contact you to schedule an evaluation to verify placement.


To take Jazz or Modern class the student must also be enrolled in at least one Ballet class since the Jazz and Modern technique is based on the steps and terms introduced through Ballet. All performance and intermediate level students are required to attend Ballet class a minimum of twice weekly.

Class Withdrawal

A written letter of withdrawal must be given 30 days prior to the end of the current month. Verbal conversations or voicemails are not considered valid withdrawal notice. All class withdrawals must be processed through the front office or Parent Portal only.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are available in all the types of dance that we offer. Call the studio at 687-5933 or email [email protected] for more information.

Note: Tuition Units equal to class Duration, where 1:15 is equal to 1.25 units, 1:30 to 1.50 units, etc.
Units Cost
0.50 $38
1.00 $48
1.25 $65
1.50 $79
1.75 $88
2.00 $98
2.25 $107
2.50 $116
2.75 $125
3.00 $134
3.25 $143
3.50 $152
3.75 $160
4.00 $168
4.25 $176
4.50 $187
4.75 $195
5.00 $202
5.25 $209
5.50 $216
5.75 $223
6.00 $230
6.25 $236
6.50 $242
6.75 $248
7.00 $254
7.25 $260
7.50 $267
7.75 $273
8.00 $280
8.25 $285
8.50 $285